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«Building Microservices»

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Sam Newman, «Building Microservices, 2nd Edition», O'Reilly Media, 2021.

SOA at its heart is a sensible idea. However, despite many efforts, there is a lack of good consensus on how to do SOA well. In my opinion, much of the industry failed to look holistically enough at the problem and present a compelling alternative to the narrative set out by various vendors in this space.

Many of the problems laid at the door of SOA are actually problems with things like communication protocols (e.g., SOAP), vendor middleware, a lack of guidance about service granularity, or the wrong guidance on picking places to split your system. A cynic might suggest that vendors co-opted (and in some cases drove) the SOA movement as a way to sell more products, and those selfsame products in the end undermined the goal of SOA.

The microservice approach has emerged from real-world use, taking our better understanding of systems and architecture to do SOA well. You should think of microservices as being a specific approach for SOA in the same way that Extreme Programming (XP) or Scrum is a specific approach for Agile software development. – Chpater 1, What Are Microservices?

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