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«Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps»

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Nicole Forsgren·Jez Humble·Gene Kim, «Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations», IT Revolution Press, 2018.

Beginning in late 2013, we embarked on a four-year research journey to investigate what capabilities and practices are important to accelerate the development and delivery of software and, in turn, value to companies. These results are seen in their profitability, productivity, and market share. We see similarly strong effects in noncommercial outcomes of effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. - PREFACE, 문단 1

Nicole, Jez, and Gene continued collaborating with the Puppet team to iterate on research design and continuously improve the industry’s understanding of what contributes to great software delivery, what enables great technical teams, and how companies can become high-performing organizations and win in the market by leveraging technology. This book covers four years of research findings, starting with that report (2014 through 2017). - PREFACE, 문단 8

Our research goals for the first year were to lay a foundation for understanding software development and delivery in organizations. Some key research questions were: What does it mean to deliver software, and can it be measured? Does software delivery impact organizations? Does culture matter, and how do we measure it? What technical practices appear to be important? - PREFACE, 문단 12

These high performers are working incessantly to get better at what they do, letting no obstacles stand in their path, even in the face of high levels of risk and uncertainty about how they may achieve their goals. - Chapter 1: ACCELERATE, 문단 1

reports suggest there is more work to be done than many of us currently believe. Another Forrester report states that DevOps is accelerating technology, but that organizations often overestimate their progress (Klavens et al. 2017). - Chapter 1: ACCELERATE, 문단 7

shifting to a capabilities model of measurement is essential for organizations wanting to accelerate software delivery. - Chapter 1: ACCELERATE, 문단 10

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